Cleaning Time

Here at Cornerstone we have been going through a seven-day period of consecration. We did so to prepare ourselves for what God has for us. We will end these seven days with communion and prayer. I am super excited to see what is to come.

 I have a story to tell.

He went to clean his room. He had allowed papers to fall to the floor, and not pick them up. He just didn’t clean. It was in total disarray, it was an absolute mess. The rest of his home looked nice; you know the rooms that guests could see. His room, his private room was hidden from all who entered in his house. He alone could only see the mess that was hidden there.

How many of us have hidden areas in our heart that only we know about? These areas that are off limits to the people we interact with. No one knows our deep dark secrets, we keep them well hidden. And, we walk around with fear and trepidation that someone will discover our hidden secrets and that they would expose them to the world, and even stop liking us, loving us, and treating us like the filth we are hiding.

The truth is this – Father God knows. And, He loves us anyway. He will never expose us to the world. He wants to help us get rid of those unclean areas in our lives.

But, He sees through the blood of Jesus, without spot or blemish. “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”                                       Song of Solomon 4:7 (NIV) 

“Our faith in Jesus transfers God’s righteousness to us and He now declares us flawless in His eyes. This means that we can now enjoy true and lasting peace with God, all because of what our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, has done for us.” Romans 5:1 (TPT)

 Do we sin, will we still sin? Yes, but we are forgiven. When sin we must ask for forgiveness, receive that forgiveness and move on. This, however, does not give us a license to live a life of sin.

Many of us know this truth in our heads, but there are some of us that have not yet received this truth in our hearts. Don’t you think it is time? It is okay to love yourself. Father does!

We must learn to abide in Him and see ourselves, and others through His eyes. We must see ourselves clean, whole and perfect. Set yourself apart from the world. Live as He would have you live – the salt and light to this world. Let Jesus, the Anointed One shine through you.

 Prepare yourself for a might move of God. He is coming!