Are You Living A Free Life

We have three birds, and the other day I was cleaning their cages. We put the dogs outside so that the birds could fly around the house. It has been awhile since they have been able to do this due to the weather.

What I immediately noticed is that they were not flying. They used to fly all over the place. Two flew to the top of the t.v. where they stayed, and the other choose to perch on my shoulder. They were free to fly but acted as if they were still housed in their cages.

We attempted to get them to take flight, but they returned to the perches they had chosen.

You should have heard all the fussing after I put them back in their cages. It was like – “Why are you taking away our freedom?” Did they act like they were free when they were? Did they enjoy the freedom that they had? Did the attempt to experience their freedom? How often do we act the same way?

We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Our freedom has been paid for, and yet we still act as if we are trapped, forever to be enslaved. We perch upon the cross and there we stay even though we have been given access to the throne room.

Blessings to All